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Choose the right bags for your bicycle

In our comparison guides for each product category, we specify which bags are best for each main application. Of course, you may fall in between categories or may use your bicycle in a variety of ways. Some people will only need one type of bag, others may want to combine various types of bike bags, for instance a pannier and saddlebag, for maximum capacity. We provide an extensive range for all riders. All of our bags are built to last with each component carefully selected for the best function. We use high visibility reflectors and mounting points for LED lights to keep you as safe as possible on the road.

We also supply a range of styles from a traditional waxed waterproof cotton duck finish to Harris Tweed to super strong PVC/Polyester and even military grade Cordura.

If in any doubt or want to double check, contact us via email

The main cycling categories are:

  • Bikepacking
  • Commuting
  • Day rides
  • Expeditions
  • Touring

Here are our bag ranges:


Carradice was the first to product Bikepacking products back in the 1930s. Highly visible for greater safety. Sustainably built for longer lasting use. We use our own Bikepacking support allowing you to mount and demount in seconds that provides a rock-solid anchor point. Check our range here

Commuting bags: courier bags, backpacks & satchels

Hybrid designs, some of which can be used without attaching to a bike but can be work as a backpack or over your shoulder. Courier bags have three way straps to keep them stable while you ride. Commuter bags are designed to take your office stuff. Adapatable and smart these are perfect for city use. Check here

Folding bike bags

Designed to fit mainly Brompton folding bicycles [but also some other brands], these are ideal to keep all your office gear. Laptops, A4 files and anything else. We have a rucksack carrying option for carrying your whole folding bike too.

Handlebar bags

[see our Technical specification ( pop up guide) at every product ]
[see our comparison chart]

From the smallest bags to a decent sized bag there are options. We provide a Klickfix system to make fitting and removing a bag very quick and very secure. Shoulder straps are provided to make the m easy to carry when used off bike. Some of the bags have map and phone cases for practical use. Our Handlebar Bag Comparison Chart will help you decide at your leisure.


[see our Technical specification ( pop up guide) at every product ]
"See our comparison chart" ]

The most energy efficient way to carry your luggage on a bicycle – the low centre of gravity aids stability. Choose between rear panniers [most popular], a front pannier and a pannier which you can also use as a backpack or carry on a shoulder strap. We supply all variants for each main category. All our panniers are waterproof but some are more hardwearing than others. Please check the Pannier Comparison Chart.

Rackbags & stuffsacks

With a pannier rack fixed to a bike, a handy rack bag is easy to attach and take off when leaving a bike. Use a rack bag or stuff sack with panniers to maximise your carrying capacity on bigger trips. Check the range here add a hyperlink


[see our Technical specification ( pop up guide) at every product ]
[see our comparison chart]
If your saddle has bag loops, then a saddlebag could be the right carrying choice. A small bag carries essentials: puncture repair kit and waterproofs. Biggest bags carry everything you need for a lightweight multiday trip – you can even lash your tent to top of the bag with D-rings provided. If a saddle bag doesn’t have bag loops we have various attachment solutions: Saddle Loops, Bagman Quick Release Clamp and Bagman Support. Check out our Saddlebag Fixing Systems – larger bags benefit from a Bagman Support especially with heavy loads

For even greater choice of saddlebags, we make saddlepacks which attach easily and efficiently to all kinds of saddle. SQR – our Patented Seatpost Quick Release system -carry up to 10kg/22lbs in our specially designed bags. Neat saddle pack carries essentials securely fastened to saddle rails & seatpost.

To help you choose the right saddlebag for your needs, check the Saddlebag Comparison Chart. You can always use a saddlebag on its own or in conjunction with a pannier and even a handlebar or top tube bag.