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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please use the contact form.

Products Technical Questions

All about fitting and selection of the right size of the products.

If you have a Brooks saddle with metal bag loops, the classic bag support is best for your needs. The classic bag rack allows you to carry the saddlebag higher than the back of the saddle. Another option is the SQR system. The frame on the SQR system can also be bent further by using a vice. This will also enable you to carry the saddlebag higher than the back of your saddle.

If your saddle already has bag loops then the Bagman standard is sufficient. The Sport will accommodate smaller bags like the Barley, Lowsaddle, Cambrian, Pendle and Audax. The
Expedition will accommodate the larger saddlebags like the Camper, Nelson, Super C and Odyssey.
If your saddle does not have bag loops then the best Bagman support is the Quick release version. With this Bagman the saddlebag attaches to the Bagman clamp and not the saddle. It can also be more quickly mounted and de-mounted from the rack unlike the standard Bagman where you would need to undo the straps each time.

One tape ties around your waist, while the other two can be used for your thumbs or attached to your brake hoods. They help stop the cape blowing around when riding.

Yes, it can be used as a handlebar bag. Wide or flat handlebars are recommended for proper use of the side pockets. Handlebar spacers are also ideal for attaching to the handlebars to allow space for your hands on the tops of drop bars.

The Super C front panniers are a good option, as they are shaped at the bottom to provide heel
clearance. The Carradura rack pack is another option with low profile drop-down pannier sides.

No, the folding bike bags are specifically designed for Bromptons and are not compatible with Volt Metro bikes.

The CarraDura Maxi seat pack has a capacity of 5 litres.

Yes, it is compatible with 31.8mm bars.

If your saddle has bag loops, the Bagman Sport - Quick Release is recommended. If you have a Brooks saddle, the standard Bagman support is suitable.

Yes, you can use it, but the bag may be slightly squashed in the middle due to limited clearance.

Products General Question

Below are some common questions about our products

Cotton duck bags are proved to be very waterproof in use. The canvas is tightly woven and impregnated with wax to repel moisture. When sewn, the cotton fibers swell when in contact with water and help to plug the holes made by the sewing needle in a way that is not possible with man made fibers like nylon or polyester. Although we cannot claim that they are 100% waterproof under all conditions , history suggests that bags made from cotton duck will keep your contents dry. For very extreme wet weather we would recommend polythene liners to be safe.

Our cotton duck bags can be re-proofed many times using our re-proofing wax. This ensures the bags stay as waterproof as possible for many years. 

For users wanting peace of mind, our CarraDry range of bags have welded seams and are 100% waterproof. 

Any stitched Cordura, nylon or polyester bags are not waterproof at the seams. The fabrics themselves will be waterproof as they will have an impermeable backing and a water repellent finish but after stitching they can be vulnerable to water ingress. We advise users of these types of bags to use a raincover or use polythene bags to protect your essential items.

If you are a business wanting to stock and sell Carradice bike bags, please contact for more info:

To wash your bag, first dry the bag completely and brush off any surface dirt with a stiff brush. Next use a sponge and warm soapy water to remove surface dirt and contamination. Do not use detergent as this will strip out the waterproofing properties from the fabric. Dry thoroughly and if possible re-proof with our re-proofing wax for cotton duck bags or a waterproof spray for man made fabrics (available at outdoor shops).

Please refer to the instructional videos on the site or Youtube or refer to the printed instructions issued with every bag

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