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Waxed Cotton Duck - The Original Waterproof Fabric


What Is Cotton Duck?


Cotton duck material is a heavyweight, closely woven fabric known for its strength and durability. It boasts a history rooted in the 19th century. The term "duck" originates from the Dutch word "doek," which refers to linen canvas.

Originally cotton duck was used to make ship sails and the sailors' trousers. Over time, cotton replaced linen as the primary fibre, leading to the development of the robust and versatile textile known today as cotton duck.

It was used heavily in the military in the last century due to its toughness and waterproof properties. It was also used to construct canvas water buckets for camping.

What makes it such a versatile and user-friendly material?

  • Cotton duck is known for its durability. This characteristic makes it useful for withstanding the rigours of outdoor activities.
  • It is receptive to dyes and other treatments. So you can customise its colour and finish easily.
  • It is derived from a natural material - cotton.
  • It lends a pristine and timeless aesthetic to the products, which makes them eye-catching.
  • It shows natural resistance towards water, which means you can use it for cycling gear and other outdoor recreational activities.
  • There are no coatings to peel off, it can be easily be re-proofed and repaired by stitching.
  • The cotton filaments allow the fabric to breathe, keeping the contents aired and fresh. Modern coated fabrics trap air and can make the contents smelly and musty.
  • It's performance can be maintained for many years as it can be repaired and re-proofed.

Is Cotton Duck Waterproof?

Cotton duck, when first woven, is not waterproof.  Its composition includes cotton fibres, which are inherently absorbent, making the fabric susceptible to water penetration.  You can make it waterproof by applying a water-repellent finish such as wax.

Normally after sewing, fabrics become porous because of the holes made by the stitching needle. Not so with cotton duck. When the seams of a cotton duck bag come into contact with water the cotton filaments of the fabric and thread swell and close up the hole made by the needle making a barrier to water.

What Is Cotton Duck Used For?

Cotton duck can be used for cycle bags, tents, jackets, boat covers and even footwear.

Bottom line
Cotton duck is a performance fabric that has stood the test of time. It still delivers outstanding performance to rival many synthetic fabrics. 

Not only is it waterproof and breathable, keeping your stuff safe and dry and fresh - it looks good too!

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