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Who signs your Carradice bags?

Who signs your Carradice bags?

We received a letter from Paul Wagner, questioning whether the signature in each bag is a real person...

“While out on a ride recently, someone mentioned that all of your bags are signed on the label, by the person who made the bag. As all four of us were using Carradice products at the time we stopped and looked, and sure enough there were the names. I was gob-smacked – I have an assortment of your stuff and never noticed.

“The picture shows the riders, Rolf (Sue), Paul R (Christine) and Cliff (Debbie), while I, the photographer, am Priscilla. I was delegated to ask you whether these are in fact genuine names of bona fide workers, or is it simply a really nice publicity touch?

“Meanwhile, we all agree that when it comes to durable, reliable products, you are unbeatable. Thanks for that and we await your reply with bated breath!”

As you can see from the photograph of Sue, Christine and Debbie – they are very much real people. Signing their work is part of the Carradice commitment to quality control. Making cotton duck bags is highly-skilled work and it takes around 2 years to fully train on all products. Each bag is sewn by one person and the team are so proud of their work, they are delighted to sign their bags – and even more delighted to hear from satisfied customers.

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