Saddlebag Comparison Guide

Use this chart to compare saddlebag sizes and features.  Sizes are appoximate as bags are soft! 

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Widths including side pockets are in brackets.

Saddlebag TypeCapacityWeightMaterialDimensions
WxDxH cms/ins
Attachment & Carry OptionsColour & Material OptionsApplication
Barley Saddlebag9L
0.6kgs 1.3lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck18x15x29cms  7.1″x6″x11.4″Attach to seat post Black/ Green/ Burgundy Red/ Union Flag Black or Green/ Herringbone or Meadow/ Munro TweedCompact Day rides Commuting
Bingley Saddlebag1L
0.15kgs 0.3lbs18z Waxed Cotton Duck19x13x5cms 7.5”x5.1”x2”Attach to seat post and supplied with detachable shoulder strapBlack or Green & also Harris Tweed finishSmall Day rides Shopping
Cadet Saddlebag13L
0.6kgs 1.3lbsWaxed Cotton Duck22x19x36cms  8.7″x7.5″x14.2″Attach to seat post Black or GreenMedium All rounder
Camper Longflap Saddlebag24L
1.0kgs 2.2lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck26x22x36(48)cms 10.2″x8.7″x14.2(18.9)”Attach to seat post/Bagman Support Black or GreenLarge Multi-night Tour Camping
Carradry Saddlebag12-15L
1.06kgs 2.3lbsPVC & Polyester16×26(30)x30cms 6.3″x10.2(12)”x11.8″Attach to seat post/Bagman Support supplied with detachable shoulder strapBlackMedium Super Tough
Junior Saddlebag9L
0.5kgs 1.1lbsWaxed Cotton Duck22x19x29cms    8.7″x7.5″x11.4″Attach to seat post Black or GreenMedium Day trips
Lightweight Audax Saddlebag9L
0.44kgs 1lbLightweight 1000 Denier Cordura16x15x28(38)cms  6.3″x5.9””x11”(15”)Attach to seat post Black / Blue/ Camo / NeonMedium Fast Tourer
Lowsaddle Longflap Saddlebag15L
0.9kg 2lbsWaxed Cotton Duck19x19x36(44)cms 7.5″x7.5″x14.2”(17.3”)Attach to seat post/Bagman Black or GreenSpecial for saddles with little room below
Nelson Saddlebag15L 
0.8kgs 1.76lbsWaxed Cotton Duck22x19x36(44)cms  8.7″x7.5″x14.2″(17.3”)Attach to seat post/Bagman Black or GreenMedium Day rides
Nelson Longflap Saddlebag18L
0.9kgs 2lbsWaxed Cotton Duck22x19x36(44)cms 8.7″x7.5″x14.2(17.3”)Attach to seat post/Bagman Black or GreenMedium/large Long & overnight rides
Pendle Saddlebag11L
0.63kgs 1.4lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck22x19x29cms 8.7″x7.5″x11.4″(15″)Attach to seat post Black or GreenMedium/small Day rides & light touring
Super C Saddlebag23L
0.9kg 2lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck24x17x33(47)cms 9.4″x6.7″x13″(18.5”)Attach to seat post/Bagman Support BlackTouring and long rides – super tough
Super C Audax9L
0.65kgs  0.9lbsWaterproof Cotton Duck16x15x28cms 8.7″x5.1″x3.5″Attach to seat post
BlackFast Tourer/Audax Day rides
Zipped Roll3.5L
0.31kgs 0.7lbsWaterproof Cotton Duck28x13cms 11”x5.1”Attach to seat post Black/ Burgundy/ Green/ Red/ Herringbone/ Union Flag Black & Green/ Meadow or Munro Tweed finishSmall, smart Multi-purpose
Bikepacking Seatpack12-16L
0.33kgs 0.7lbs1000 Denier military grade Cordura57x28x15cms 22”x11”x5.9”  Use Bagman Support RackBlack or Camo or NeonX Large Touring Expeditions
Bikepacking Top Tube1.5L
1000 Denier military grade Cordura 22x6x12cms
2x Velcro straps fit to top tube and front/seat post Black or Camo or Neon Small – use either as standalone or with other bags
Carradry SQR14-18L          
1.6kgs 2.2lbs600 Denier Polyester & reinforced PVC29x35x21cms 11.4″x”x13.8″x8.26”SQR system bracket included Attach to seatpost Quick removal and fittingBlack  Medium Versatile for day rides to touring
Carradura Saddlepack RangeMini: 0.5L/ Midi:2.1L/ Super Midi2.4L/ Maxi 7L/427    170gms/0.4lb 240gms/0.5lb 240gms/0.5lb 420gms/0.9lb      Hardwearing Polyester with reflective trim7×6-9×14.5cms 2.8”x2.3-3.5”x5.7” 10x12x19cms 3.9”x4.7”x7.5” 13x14x23cms 5.1”x5.5”x9” 6-17×9-15x28cms 2.3-6.7”x3.5-6”x11”  Attach to saddle with two straps with quick release buckles & 2-point touch and close fasteningsBlack      Small to Medium   Versatile
Super C Saddlepack6L
460gms 1.1lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck19x16x35cms 7.5″x6.3″x13.8”Attach to handlebar Black  Medium size   Versatile
Super C SQR Slim16L
         1.3kgs 2.9lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck29x36x15cms 11.4″x14.2″x5.9”SQR system bracket included Attach to seatpost Quick removal and fittingBlack  Medium small   Versatile
Super C SQR Tour16L
1.3kgs 2.9lbs18oz Waxed Cotton Duck18x37x20cms 7”x14.6”x7.9”SQR system bracket included Attach to seatpost Quick removal and fittingBlack  Large Tour Club rides Overnight
Twiston Tool RollTools and Tubes only0.13kg 0.3lbsWaxed 18oz Canvas41cmx17.5cms 16.1”x6.9” unrolledAttach to seat postBlack/Burgundy/Green/RedUseful/essential for any bike