Factory Tour

Front door

Welcome to our front doors, behind which lay the combined expertise of hundreds of years’ experience in manufacture.

Factory shelving

Everything has a place, and there’s a place for everything in the factory. We have bespoke tools and patterns for all of our handmade bags.

Samples and pattern rail

Our parts and materials are stored with precise measuring dies so every case is around-about the same

Hand punching machine

But materials are cut, punched and shaped by hand for that unique, bespoke attention to detail.

Industrial press

Our industrial presses and cutters mean precise shaping for key components.

Hand assembly

With hand-assembly ensuring that quality-control is ingrained in the manufacturing process.

Cutting by eye

Our skilled machinists are rightly proud of their work, and each handmade piece is signed by its maker.


We order the very best components, to our own specification.

Hand sewing

And the pride in our work shows in every piece that leaves the factory.