Bikepacking Handlebar Bag reviewed

Carradice have “created some simple but superbly made pieces of bikepacking luggage“, says Tim Wiggins over at Life In The Saddle.

His new review of our Bikepacking Handlebar Bag introduces readers who might be familiar with our traditional range to this exciting, lightweight but robust team of bags for the keen bikepacker.

“The bag is robustly made, and it stayed mounted securely to my gravel bike handlebars even on rough off-road escapades” Tim continues.

“…known the world over for their quality and longevity. This Carradice Bikepacking Handlebar Bag seems to hold those values true to form — proving to be durable and capable, with timeless style”.

What a smashing review. Thanks Tim!

Copyright Tim Wiggins – Life in the Saddle

One thought on “Bikepacking Handlebar Bag reviewed

  1. Bike Shepherd says:

    Thanks for the useful information. Bikepacking Handlebar Bag is an indispensable item for cyclists. I can hold more personal belongings for trips. My bag is old so I’m looking for a replacement. I love the style of this bag. Does this bag have a different color? And Could you let me know what material it is made of?

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